Personal Taxes

Doing taxes, unless you're into numbers or an accountant, is not fun. If it's simple, an online program can likely meet your needs. However, even with these quick and easy tax sites, you may be missing out on a much bigger refund.

Our accountants are pros at getting every penny that's due to you or save you on taxes owed. Whether your taxes are simple or extensive, Accounting Pros has a package for you. We pride ourselves on the level of detail and attention we provide our clients. Whatever you tax filing needs, we tailor our tax services to meet them in order to get you the money you've earned. Personal tax returns start at $125 and averages $350 per year.

Filing on time and accurately is important. Our professional accountants stay abreast of all IRS changes, so that you stay positioned in good standing with the government in all your tax dealings. If you're attempting to do your taxes on your own, we highly recommend having our firm take a look to be sure everything is in order. After all, this is what we do day in and day out - taxes, taxes, taxes. We believe in good accounting and getting our clients the maximum tax benefit available to them. You are our business!

Let us manage your personal taxes this year. See the difference a professorial accountant makes!

Typically, depending on your tax preparation needs, filing state and federal taxes can be daunting and may take up time better spent in other places. For many folks, filing taxes is hard to fit into a busy schedule. Depending on the detail and process needed for your particular case, the filing will be pushed so close to the deadline that valuable write-offs are missed. At Accounting Pros, we strive to prepare your taxes in a timely manner and by filing early, when possible, we get your full refund to you in a very short time.

Our tax professionals will walk you through the whole process and make sure you are comfortable with all our efforts. Taking this time and consideration will help you find the peace of mind you deserve. Hiring a professional to do your taxes will pay off, no matter their fee.

Look, we get it. Maybe you aren't as jazzed about taxes as we are. In fact, some folks find it down right dull to do taxes, much less read a full page on them! But they're important. Every year the same expectation/bill is due to the IRS and there are severe penalties for failing to file your taxes on time. In some cases, if they aren't filed correctly, you can actually end up paying the IRS more than required! Bring your taxes to us. We will process, organize, file and get you what you deserve.